Linux Containers Adventures, The Beginning.

At Emesa we are currently looking at how can we deploy and user Linux containers on our environment.

We already make extensive use of LXC, which means that we have the containers and their hosts isolated, we have not figured a way to have a kind of a high availability environment where we can use multiple LXD servers and be able to do an automatic failover of a linux container from a LXD host to another.
As we are struggling at this moment in the end of the year (hi Murphy) to finalize our testing datacenter to a new datacenter, we have been set back on further testing and investigation, mostly due to the fact that we do not have a correct or nice infrastructure at this point in time, meaning creating new containers on the new datacenter, copy all the data or even move physically a server from one location to another. sighs

Anyway this new year will be interesting as we will be able to push, test and use a bunch of new technology, hopefully being in the frontline of using the Linux containers. I will make a series of posts on why do we choose Linux Containers and not Docker.

As a further introductory post I will be doing more tech/geeky posts in the future, feel free to reach out in the comments and I will put more info on how to reach out to me in case you dont want to make use of the commenting section and want to use IRC or e-mail to reach out.